Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sessilee Lopez in UK ELLE April 2011

Shot by: Karen Collins

Magdalena Jasek for Vogue Brazil March 2011

Vogue Brazil March 2011

VOGUE FLOWERS from Cavallaria Filmes on Vimeo.

Horrendous Success

The only way I can describe this look is as a horrendous success. To me it looks like Dr. Frankenstein assembled her outfit and made her up to look somewhat fashionable.

Orange Love

Bright Orange plus a late winter storm equals love from me. Did I mention what a great color orange is? I just love her look for the most part. Light eyebrows + red hair and bright red lipstick equals more love from me.


I love her outfit in this. It couldn't suit her better.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Missoni - Milan Fashion Week

The color, print & knit this were beautiful.

My favorite part of the collection is how artist Tiana Langdon had made the naïve drawings that surfed the long dresses.

I couldn't imagine there being a Milan fashion week without Missoni.